Title: Shoppe Manager

One thing I find most interesting: The moon.

Favorite food: Pizza  Beverage: Coffee Snack food: Cheese Baked good: Good Bread Movie: Shawshank Redemption Season: Spring

If I could do anything for the day: Go to Fort Myers Beach, FL



Title: Team Leader

Favorites Food: pizza, mac & cheese, Caribbean Beverage: Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee Snack Food: Ranch corn nuts Baked good: brownies Movies: A Bronx Tale, Sandlot TV Show: Scandal Recreation: Anything outside Books: Jodi Picoult Sports Team: Celtics, Crimson Tide

If I could do anything for the day:  Win the Mega-Millions

Most people don't know about me: I'm a horrible singer!

Three people I'd like to meet: Lauren Hill, Hailey Williams, Bruno Mars



Title: Baker Extraordinaire 

Favorite Food: spinach stuffed shells Beverage: coffee & ice water Snack Food: cheddar cheese combos Baked good: warm chocolate chip cookies w/ walnuts Movies: Dan in Real Life TV Show: Steve Harvey Show, Big Bang Theory, Ellen Season: Autumn Recreational Activities: gardening, camping, playing dutch blitz Books: Fawn Brown 

If I could do anything for the day: Spend a day at the beach with family

Most people don't know about me: I love to sing, even if I sometimes sing the wrong words :)



Title: Cake Team Leader

Favorite food: Sushi  Beverage: Hot Tea  Baked Goods: Monkey Bread Movies: Mama Mia, Julie & Julia Season: Spring Sports Team: Green Bay Packers (For my hubby's sake)

If I could do anything for the day: I would travel somewhere with my husband

Something most people don't know about me: I was taught by a white house chef

One Person I'd like to meet: Gordon Ramsey




Title: Cake Artist

One thing I find most interesting: Nature  Favorite Food: Anything Mexican  Snack Food: Cantelope Baked Goods:  Danishes TV Shows: The Office, Fixer Upper  Season: Fall  Recreational Activities: Running, Kayaking, Exploring different places with my husband

If I could do anything for one day?  I would do a day trip somewhere local that I've never been



Title: Cake Artist

One thing you find most fascinating?  Figuring out how to make something by looking at it.

Favorite Food: Alfredo Pasta Snack Food: Chips Baked Good: Snickerdoodle Cookies Movie:  Scooby-Doo TV Show: Cake Wars Season: Fall Sports Team: Steelers

If you could do anything for the day? Explore somewhere I've never been to.

Something most people don't know about you? I love to crochet


Title:  Exceptional Baker

One thing you find most fascinating? The way God uses people to be a blessing.

Favorite Food: Salad  Snack Food: Watermelon & Extra Cheese Goldfish  Baked Good: Coconut Creme Pie Movies: Based on true stories, romatic comedy, & old movies-- Anne of Green Gables is my favorite! Recreational Activities: Fishing, Hunting, Volleyball, Tennis, & Challenging Workouts.  

If I could do anything for the day: I'd lay in a hammock with a good book (never happens, ha!)



Title: Sales Associate

Favorite Food:  Pizza & Cheeseburgers Snack Food: Ice Cream Bakes Good: Any type of cake Movie: Hunger Games Series Season:  Summer Recreational Activities: Soccer & Volleyball

If I could do anything for the day: I'd travel to Los Angeles, CA

Something most people don't know about me:  I love the city.




Title: Sales Associate

Favorite Food: Ham Snack Food: Popables Baked Good: Coconut Cream Pie  Beverage: Mountain Dew Books: Hellen Keller

Three People I'd like to meet: Pope, Robert De Niro, Al Pachino



Title: Sales Associate

Favorite Food: Rice & Beans Beverage: Chocolate Milk or Lemonade Snack Food: Chips Baked Good: Cheesecake  Movie: Forrest Gump Season: Summer Recreational Activities: Hunting, Football, & Swimming Sports Teams: Yankees, NY Giants


Tom & Jess

Title: Owners, Heads of Customer Service

How we got here. Jess: Our story together started here at the bakery. During my senior year of high school in 2004, my parents told me it was time to get a job. I started here at Country Table as a bakery clerk, which was owned & operated by Tom's family. Tom: Jess caught my eye on her very first day. In less than a week, I asked for her number in the break-room. Romantic right? Well, much to my surprise she actually gave it to me! And the rest is history. Jess: We have been on this journey of life together ever since, and have learned to trust God more with every step. In late 2016, the doors began to open for us to rejoin the team we left, this time as owners. After prayerful consideration, we decided to rejoin the team, exactly 13 years from the day we first met.

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