This year's peaches look great!

We love incorporating fresh seasonal fruits into our bakery creations, so we keep tabs on the health of the crop for some of our favorites. It has certainly been a turbulent year for peaches.  Earlier in the year, the outlook was pretty grim for peach season, but we are thrilled to report that at the start of this year's peach season, the Lancaster-grown peaches are looking great!

We just received our first baskets of peaches, and for those of you who enjoy peach-picking, opening day at a few local orchards are scheduled for either Thursday, July 27th or Friday, July 28th. As you may know, our local orchards endured some unexpected frost earlier in the season that orchard owners were afraid would put the crop at risk. Thankfully, most were left undamaged. The same is holding true for peaches coming out of New Jersey and other orchards in the mid-Atlantic states. Lancaster Farming even quotes one farmer as saying this year appears to be a 'bumper crop'. 

So go out an pick some peaches, or come in and enjoy some of our delicacies. Not only will we have Peach Pie and Peaches & Cream Cake (our best-sellers), but we're also making up peach cobbler, peach muffins, peach shortcake, and a peach red-raspberry pie.

And if you don't want to risk disappointment, order ahead! These items move fast: 717-492-8440.

Happy picking!