4 ideas for making Father's Day SUPER

June is arguably the best month of the year. It kicks off the glorious season of summer, and all the barbecues, beach trips, and outdoor fun that come with it. But the most notable part of June is that it also includes the manliest day of the year - Father's Day! In celebration of Dad's everywhere, we've compiled a list of Father's Day ideas that will help you tell your Dad (or your children's dad) that he's your superhero.

1. Get him a manly gift

Home Depot is a great place to start, as most of what they carry qualifies in the manly category. Think power tools, hand tools, or outdoor equipment. Or maybe it's time to upgrade that grill to one without all those hotspots!


2. Buy him a toy

By now your dad (or man) should have a TV larger than 32". If not, you can stop reading this article now and head to Amazon or Best Buy. Strategic board games or outdoor yard games are two other top toy picks for dad's. Fishing or hunting equipment are two other popular categories to consider.


3. Plan an outing

What's his favorite pastime? Go out for a few hours and have fun. Hiking, kayaking, golfing, disc golf, slick willies, the shooting range...  these are all awesome ways to spend Father's Day with dad. Gifts can lasts for months, or even years, but an awesome experience with dad will give you memories that last a lifetime.


4. Celebrate with the family





While tools, toys, and dude activities are all great, what really makes a Father's Day special is getting to hang out with your family. This is where we can help out a little, as we specialize in making celebrations truly memorable. We have two limited-time cakes (shown above) designed especially to celebrate dad. Place your order by Friday at noon and we'll have one ready for pickup on Saturday! 717-492-8440.